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Forklift Service offer a wide range of new and used material handling equipment. Our stock includes everything from a pallet jack to wall stackers to LPG counter balance. We also cater for warehouses with a full range of electrical forklifts to suit any factory.

Make a decision

There are many variables to consider before buying a forklift:

  • Forklift use - indoor/outdoor

  • Fuel - Electric/LPG/Petrol/Diesel Capacity - how much weight do we need to lift

  • Height - how heigh do we need to get to, are there any height restrictions (low beams on gates)

  • Budget - how do we pay for this?

At Forklift Service we aim to make this decision stress free. Our sales staff will guide you on what you need and your options whether it be new/used/rental. Forklift Service is a privately owned company and is not restricted in what we have to offer in the way of model or manufacturer, so you get matched to the correct forklift for your application and not what only fits best from a restricted range.



by Dr. Radut.