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Hire and Rentals


The benefits of renting a forklift from Forklift Service Pty Ltd:

  1. We offer a complete range from pallet trucks, warehouse equipment to container handlers.

  2. We are privately owned so we pick the best equipment at the time for your application.  We are not obligated to force our own make/product unlike large corporations.

  3. Forklift rentals available from 1 day to 5 years.

  4. We support your business with industry leading equipment of your choice, which are backed and maintained by our fleet of mobile technicians.


Why rent a fork lift?

  1. No large capital outlay - freeing up cash/finance to aide growth.

  2. No planned maintenance outages - as part of your rental plan Forkliftservice keep you in Australian standards.

  3. No unplanned maintenance outages - breakdown cost compares money the cost of repairs and down time.

  4. Long term rental costs are 100% deductable against income where as equipment purchases are paid from shareholder/company funds.

  5. Forkliftservices can offer to purchse your original fleet thus freeing up valuable cash to be used in other parts of your company.

  6. Forklift rental agreements are not required to be displayed in your financial statements


Please contact us and we can tailor a package to your needs!!



by Dr. Radut.